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Sásta Carrick-on-Shannon
30 DAY
The Best And Most Fun Way To Lose Weight And Keep It Off!
Sásta guarantee and proven program commitment
Over the last 7 years we have helped close to a 1000 people to Transform their Live and achieve amazing weight loss goals. Our customers on average lose 65-80lbs combined every week at Sásta. We get results daily and we guarantee you will lose a dress size in 4 weeks if you stay focused, committed and dedicated.
Three Core Sásta Pillars
Sásta is ideal for all levels of fitness.  Sásta fitness pod aids with fat burning & toning.

Our delicious, family friendly
Sásta Low GL Meal Plan
will help you chose the right foods & assist with Fat Burn & Muscle Build.
Your own One to One Personal Trainer will motivate you every step of the way. This is Dermot, just one of our sásta team.
How To Lose Weight Even If You Tried Every Diet Under The Sun?

You need to join the 30-Day Challenge at Sásta!

We already helped close to a 1000 people to Transform their Life and lose from as little as one dress size to 8st (48kg!)

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could lose those extra pounds for good and never gain them back?
Can you just imagine how your life would look like if you could be fit, healthy and active again? How would it feel if you could run around with your kids or grandkids? What would it be like if you could go for long walks with everyone and not lose your breath? How would you feel if you could fit in those old jeans back? 

Because Sásta team is committed to seeing you achieve your Weight Loss goal, we will support you, motivate you, keep you accountable and push you every step of the way!
Sásta 30-Day Challenge
Our Strong Promise To You
  • Inspire and encourage you to reach whatever Weight Loss goal you set for yourself
  • Listen to you, your individual needs and your physical capabilities 
  • Keep you motivated and accountable
  • ​Help you recognise what adjustments could be made in your food choices during the weekly individual weigh-in session
  • ​Help you gain new habits for your healthier lifestyle
  • ​Celebrate your every success and achievement as you lose pounds and take positive steps towards your Transformation
  • ​Care and be there for you, providing support and advice, not just at the Sásta studio, but in Closed Facebook group too
  • ​Provide you with great value for money. We promise you WILL lose a dress size or more in 30 days
People Who Transformed Their Life At Sásta
How Does It Work?
Step 1...
Follow our Meal Plan - we teach you the simple way to manage your weight forever.
Step 2...
Complete your food diary, honestly and completely for 30 days.
Step 3...
Come to Sásta and complete 3 sessions a week.
Step 4...
Book weigh-in weekly to keep an eye on your progress.
Step 5...
Ask for help and ask questions.
Step 6...
Keep an eye on the Closed Facebook group, which we created especially for you. You will find daily videos with tips and trick plus more useful information that will make your life easier.
Our Awesome, Family Friendly Meal Plan Which Will Help you:
  • Kick start your metabolism so you can burn calories faster
  • Support your weight loss with nutritious meals that will leave you feeling fuller for longer
  • Free you from your sugar addiction
  • ​Lower your cholesterol and blood pressure
  • ​Control your appetite
  • ​Improve sleep and digestion leaving you with more energy to get on with your life
Value €197
Personal Accountability Coach, so it feels like you have a motivational speaker waking you up every morning to get your behind in the gym.
Value €297
3 Cutting Edge Workouts PER WEEK ON OUR AMAZING SÁSTA FITNESS PODS designed to help you burn fat, trim your waistline and tone up.
Value €127
Dedicated Facebook group for additional engagement and support. You can ask us any question any time. Moreover, we will be running contests where you can win valuable spot prizes.
And much much more...
TOTAL VALUE over €773
Your Investment today ONLY €150
If You Said Yes To Any Of These...
Then This Program Is For You!
  • ​If you're looking to lose weight...
  • ​If you want to get fit...
  • ​If you would like to be healthier...
  • ​If you're looking to learn...
  • ​If you like to meeting like-minded people...
  • ​If you tried other diets wihout success...
  • ​If you would like to have fun...
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